This art enthusiast is one of my guys, who has managed to build an empire out of drawing images of the original.He has been in art for quite some time now and has even started making a living from it. His work are always close to perfection and hedoes his craft from scratch. Here are some […]



I am sooo sorry guys for not posting on time please forgive me and am also sorry for giving you last two weeks gist, I  feel bad but any ways let me give you a run down on some of the things that happened at the event, I can exclusive show detailed pictures of the […]

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My top 5 movies

Okay so these are films that I watch over and over and over again because they have true meaning and a great view of situations, either sci-fi or true life. 1. PERKS OF BEING A WALL FLOWER My God this with movie is so cool, it was created in 2012 beneath the shadow of the […]

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People have been using this application to make their pictures go from zero to a hundred real quick and it is so awesome (plus it is for free on the play store app. if you want to get it). So I’m dedicating┬áthis post to vsco. Enjoy the lay out :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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Agege view

So as you know AfroClan is a bit of everything and now we are moving on to showing you different parts of Lagos state through the eyes of our lens. So enjoy the pictures as you look through, Plus leave your comments below. Thank you

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simply short

Okay so there’s sort of this new trend of shorts called short-shorts. They are sort of cool and I like them. I actually own three or four pairs. They are pretty cheap and easy to get.

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